Coffee Tour

Are you a coffee lover?

If you are a coffe lover and you want to learn more about this wonderful and popular drink, you should visit Espiritu Santo  Coffee Tour, located in Naranjo Town a short 40 minute drive from San José.

During this tour you will have the opportunity to try our different kinds of gourmet coffee, and find out all the interesting and magic steps to prepare coffee from our 630 acres plantation to the cup.

La Casita de Juancho
The next stop in the tour is a visit to an old house. We built a little house, so you can see how our ancestors used to live. This is the perfect spot for our guide to explain you how we used to brew coffee, and why, even though it has been over 200 years we still use a chorreador instead a coffee maker

Souvenir Store
At the end of the Coffee Tour, once you have learned and unwrapped all the secrets within a coffee cup, it is time to get a souvenir. In this store, you will find all the coffee you want. 

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